Location: Twisted Spoke
Neighborhood: Near West Side, Noble Square


Somehow none of the NJB crew had been to Twisted Spoke before this brunch! It was a shocking because this place has been winning awards since the 90’s. As you probably guessed, the place was packed. The wait could have been eased by getting a drink from the massive bar, but no one was going to try that business.

The inside of Twisted Spoke is, for lack of other words, friggin’ cool, man. It’s great because while you are waiting for a table your eyeballs have a lot to look at and you won’t get bored! The walls are filled with various Twisted Spoke news articles and motorcycle/rock ‘n’ roll paraphernalia.

It was a laborious effort picking both drinks and food from the menu because they made everything sound so gooood. And it was.


Howe & McD: I can’t remember the name of the drink I got but is was like a Mexican hot chocolate with coffee and some sort of alcohol? The whole restaurant could smell it as it was brought out (in a good way!). The combination of chocolate, coffee, and spicy had a great flavor but I just couldn’t finish it.

twisted spoke drinks

B: I went with the Pineapple Sailor Jerry Bloody Mary. If you like pineapple and tropical drinks when it is getting chilly outside, this is your jam. Full disclosure, my brother’s gf got this when they went to Twisted Spoke and said it was great so I thought I’d try it. I am not usually a rum- in-my-tomato-juice type of gal. However, If you’re in the mood for something sweet instead of just a spicier-than-normal bloody mary, like most restaurants offer, then I would definitely suggest this.



C: The corned beef hash and eggs – wowza. This is pretty much the height of a hangover brunch meal. The toast was so fluffy! The jelly really complement this salty meal.  And the poached eggs were perfection – I can’t make them, so i appreciated the artistry/mystery of the egg.

McD: I got the corned beef hash and poached eggs like Howe. It was a whole lotta meal: 3 poached eggs on top AND it came with a side of home fries AND this really thick toast and jam. You definitely get your money’s worth if we’re talking volume alone. But I recommend this dish because besides the sheer amount of food you get, it was damn good. The hash could have been crispier in my opinion but then again I’ve never had one that was crispy enough for me. Great seasoning on the home fries. And I love when toast comes pre-buttered because I’m lazy, yo.

twisted spoke brunch

B: I did not remember what I got! I’m so sorry for being a not-good food blogger. I had to check that menu, and am determining I got the fried egg sandwich? I remember it being messy the more I think about it. And I


If you don’t own a motorcycle or leather jacket and thought you wouldn’t be allowed into Twisted Spoke, fear not! (I cannot tell you how many times I have driven past it and been like “wtf? is that a skeleton riding a motorcycle on top of that bar’s awning?”-B) When we were here we saw all shapes and sizes, even a yuppie couple with their lil baby. We definitely recommend Twisted Spoke for brunch (and we are looking forward to coming back for those famous burgers).

Bonus: they have an awesome patio in warm weather!
Bonus bonus: Our waitress was really sweet and offered to take a picture of us —

Not Just Brunch Girls!


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