Cafe Crowded

Location: Kingsbury St. Cafe
Neighborhood: Near North Side

kingsbury street

A special moment in NJB History. This brunch marks the one year mark of our brunch blog existence! And to celebrate we decided to go to one of the nicer spots on our list, which may have backfired.

Kingsbury St. Cafe is located in the shopping district near North/Clybourn. If you are familiar with that area, just let this decision sink in for a second. We went on a rainy Labor Day morning, not knowing that about half of the available seating was on their now-closed patio. Let’s just say the wait was an entitled, white denim nightmare. Everyone was not-so-patiently waiting for those coveted few tables indoors, harassing the poor hostess and acting like they were starving animals when in fact they were all upper class biatches. After an hour of this we finally got a really great table – in the corner, which is usually where one can find us at any given restaurant/bar/party/venue.

banana muffin toasted

During our wait we were teased with their awesome pastry selection and skimmed their giant drink list that was handwritten on a chalk wall. You can come here to pick up a pastry and coffee to go, which we definitely recommend–we got a toasted banana nut muffin to share and it was heavenly.


brunch drinks
Howe: Cinnamon bun irish coffee. This is an iced coffee – the menu never mentioned that it would be iced. Honestly sounds like it would be awesome hot, but it was still a delicious drink. Crazy sweet, very Howe. I plan on making these for myself in the future because who doesn’t have coffee + Rumchata + Kahlua?

B: I had the Bloody Maria, which was pretty watery and not very good. I would definitely avoid the different kinds of bloodys that have, since this one was pretty weak. The garnishes were also lacking (a sandwich pickle, two cubes of cheese-tray cheese and a pepperocini) and that’s usually a good place to make up for what the drink lacks. Alas, no such luck.

McD: I got the Bailey’s Irish Coffee. It was coffee with Bailey’s… can’t really go wrong with this one.


piggy moo cluck
Howe: Piggy Moo Cluck [breakfast sandwich]. You can tell by the name that this thing has it all. Yet another embarrassing item name to order, but I have been waiting on a good breakfast sandwich. [McD note: the waitress asked “Is over easy okay on the Piggy Moo?” and it was the lolziest sentence I’ve ever heard at brunch.] Sadly, this was not the greatest breakfast sandwich. The meat quality was not the best and was overly salty (masking the not great flavor?) really wasn’t feeling this sandwich. The wee baybeh breakfast taytos were very tasty tho!

kingsbury street

Bridgette: I ordered the Salmon Hash with tater tots, salmon, eggs and peppers. It was not very good. Honestly, I thought it would be mind blowing since it was pretty simple and typical breakfast foods with some salmon but they really missed the mark on this one. Usually I would chalk it up to my expectations being too high, but this was all around not tasty. There was almost no flavor. Still ate the whole thing, though, cause we had waited so longggggg.

kingsbury street

McD: I got the chilaquiles option without chorizo because sometimes I pretend I’m vegetarian (but really the only animals I care about are dogs, though). They were pretty average, especially for the high price. I think chilaquiles is one of those things that’s hard to screw up because all of the ingredients are delicious and you just gotta heat them and put them in a bowl. One thing of note is that the chips were abundant and somehow kept their crispiness instead of getting soggy in the mix as they sometimes do in this particular dish. I appreciated that.


Save yourself the energy and time and skip this one. Take a pastry to go instead. Unless you come on a day in summer where the patio is actually open maybe there won’t be a terrible wait, but waiting an hour for this place is not worth it. Places like the Bongo Room, on the other hand, are totally worth a long wait. Who is the Check Please! person that recommended Kingsbury? We will find you. [It was a Chicago cop, so I wouldn’t mess with him?-B] Whatever, we had some great times in that corner, like McD was laughing so hard she made a snot bubble then she cried. We also had an extremely deep convo about cheese, goat’s being the crowd favorite. Here is a direct quote from the conversation: “You need to push yourself with cheeses until you like them.”

Cheese is a metaphor for life, yo.

cheesus christ


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