Size Matters

Location: SmallBar
Neighborhood:  Ukrainian Village
Guests: Maddy + Mari
Missing: McD since she is cruising around Europe
SmallBar Chicago
“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” -William Shakespeare’s review of SmallBar


We have been known to frequent this Division Street bar from time to time in the early morning hours. After some of us saw its brunch featured on Check Please! we were like “yoooo, we’re coming here for brunch.”

Rollin’ up to an excellent parking spot and hella puppies, we walked into a completely empty bar. It was noon and this place usually has a crowd – confusing but we chalked it up to the fact that it was 4th of July weekend and everyone was probably dead. Since we could literally sit anywhere, we chose the patio (Duh! First time this season!) Right after sitting [remember, this is Division] Maddy found an eyelash curler on her seat and then “promotional” CD behind us. Score!

Found chicago division st.


Howe: #3drinkBrunch I started with coffee, as you can probably guess. Everyone had their mini spoons and it was so presh – go SmallBar! Bonus points for having raw sugar cubes +++. I ordered the Milk Punch, which looked great and tasted STRONG. Prob too much for brunch, but being an innovator when it comes to alcohol consumption, I dropped a sugar cube in dat bitch and the drink was good 2 go.

B: There are only two specialty brunch cocktails and one was made with coffee. Since I was already getting coffee, I tried the Milk Punch which is rum and some other shit and coconut water and Left Hand Milk Stout. I’m honestly not sure why I got this because I don’t like coconut water and milk + alcohol is basically only appealing in a White Russian. The fact that we all had to add sugar cubes to make this drinkable speaks volumes about how it really isn’t a brunch drink.

Maddy: Coffee was good. I drank too much as usual. Those hangover shakes, man. Then the Milk Punch drink: It was good, but WORLDS better with that extra lump o’ sugar.

Mari: Only gal to switch up the drink order. The Bloody Mary was beautifully spicy and came with a mini beer that was too cute to drink (srsly, no one drank it; but it tasted good.)


Biscuit brunch sandwich

Howe: Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich —  BISCUIT REDEMPTION. Reminder that my biscuit at Fork was a pretty bad experience. Truly a comeback story; this was awesome and just the right size for a brunch sammie. I’d say it was very cheese-heavy, and ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. I will say I was missing breakfast taters but it was just fine without.

Mari: Also had the Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich and claims that it was life changing: “That biscuit tho. Been dreaming about it ever since.”

brunch fritatta

B: A frittata!! It had asparagus, arugula and a cheese made out of greek yogurt and peppers. The only downside was that there was not enough of the yogurt cheese; otherwise, it was really, really great. They put some lemon on the asparagus and the arugula (which was not wilted, which is very impressive) and the peppers in the cheese were spicy but not too crazy. I ate the whole cute lil skillet of frittata.

Burger brunch

Maddy: I got the BLT & fried egg. It was really good, v large. The bun was light and fluffy, which was a pleasant surprise as it did not appear to be light and fluffy. The tomato jam and garlic aioli was BOMB. Although the aioli was delicious, the bacon was the star of the show – and they were not stingy with it, my friends. Meal resulted in a happy hungover Maddy.


The small aspect of Small Bar also refers to their options of what to get for brunch. There are only about six menu items to choose from. Also, they have small little spoons to stir your coffee and small little tables to sit at. The service was good, we were checked on a multitude of times, but it could the food could have come faster considering we were the only group dining when we got there. Additionally, beware that sitting on the patio means experiencing two extremely different types of music thumping from the outside speakers of the two adjacent bars/restaurants. The patio is perfect for people watching (tattoos, hotties, and too many fedoras).

Patio Brunch


We were cruising back to our respective cribs and decided to play our newly found CD  by rapper “J. Miracles,” at least thats what we think it said. [Note- we texted the number on the cd, but never heard back 😦 ] It turned out to be some Christian-gangsta style rap, which was welcomed on that Sunday morning. Our favorite lyric?

“I say GOTTA.
You say PRAY.”





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