Square Roots Festival

[Not Brunch]
Neighborhood: Lincoln Square

Square Roots 2014

Our first group street festival of the season was in a neighborhood we are more than familiar with – Lincoln Square! Square Roots is relatively new to the summer street fest scene and we have heard very little about this one. Howe was sold on this one based on location and the number of positive [and crazy lolzy] yelp reviews. Hardly any yuppies (and so many puppies)? We. Are. Sold.

The biggest sponsor of this festival is the Old Town School of Music. Which explains why this is primarily about folk music. There were a standard three stages across the fest covering a full range of music. Bonus: Old Town has two large and beautiful buildings that were also filled with live music throughout the fest!

A standout feature of this fest was alllll the Chicago craft beer. Lagunitas, Ale Syndicate, Half Acre and Revolution were all over the fest at regular cart prices. Perfection. Additionally all the represented restaurants were awesome. Howe & B enjoyed some street poutine from Fountainhead.

street poutine fountianhead

As we were getting ready to leave and the storm clouds rolled in we were stopped by a GIANT PARADE, about what we can only assume was the world cup? Idk, but it was Carnival-themed and all the dancers were seriously enjoying themselves, it was so cute and fun!
We’ll be back next year.


Chicago parade


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