Gettin’ Some Fountainhead

Location: Fountainhead
Neighborhood: Ravenswood
Guest: Maddy

This was an important brunch for all of us because it was McD’s last [American] brunch for a long while. She’s off to eat all of the European foods without us. In the spirit of celebrating we gathered our hungover selves and went back to Ravenswood. None of us had been to Fountainhead because it’s typically PACKED for the dinner + drinking hours. But, because we rolled in so early that Sunday, we got to pick our seats!

Hangover meter:

fountianhead We weren’t all on the same level but it wasn’t good. McD may have had to stop in an alley on the way there, and the people at the Buddhist temple knew it.


MOA breakfast beer Howe: They had this very fancy (pricey) breakfast beer that came in a little champagne style bottle with notes of floral hops & cherries. (B says it smelled like an Anthropologie store – everyone agreed.) salty dog brunch B: I chose the Salty Dog because it was balls hawt out and I was not really in the mood for beer. It tasted mostly just like freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, which ain’t bad. ***Beware, because our second cups of coffee were bitter like an old Southern Belle whose beau married her younger sister.


hummus starter Another freebie for NJB! We started brunch off with a little smoked hummus sampler platter, the bread was amazing. fountianhead brunch burger Howe: Ordered the breakfast burger [McD ordered the same, but really could not keep it down.]  This thing looked beautiful and was a brunch dream. BUT it was gigantic, no one knew how to go about eating it. So I cut the burger patty in half and went from there while McD just ate each part individually. The bacon was ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. Seriously the best bacon of my life [award] and the potato latkes were a welcomed change for a side. #taters SLP B: I feel like the menu didn’t seem to have specific names for what each item was actually called so when I ordered the “SLP” with speck and a fried egg brioche, I had no idea what I was actually getting. I thought it would be a sandwich but it was just everything piled artfully arranged on  a piece of bread. (Speck is just fancy prosciutto, as the waitress told me. And proscuitto is just fancy  ham, as I have learned over the years). It turned out to be very good, idk wtf brioche or any of the other shiz was, either, but it all went together very well and that egg was fried to perfection. Sometimes it pays to TaK3 Ch4nC3z!!! chicago breakfest burrito Maddy: I got the breakfast burrito. It was good, but there was definitely too much egg and not enough cheese… mostly just not enough cheese. The homefries were tasty, though. I love a good breakfast burrito, but always forget that it is spicy. And spicy does not pair well with coffee, which is a must at brunch. This coffee was pretty bitter, making the combo even worse.*


This was a heavily Jewish-influenced menu that offered latkes or homefries as a side (if I were to go back I would definitely get the latkes because the homefries were kinda bitter and made from fingerling potatoes, which are not my particular favorite kind of potato-B). You can also get “a bagel & some schmear” or challah french toast, so get ready to say your prayers before you come here! [Unsure if these meals were kosher, but we’re not even Jewish.] The meal was really good and everyone but McD enjoyed the experience – she DID enjoy the bathroom tho. Fountainhead was so nice and we hope to go back and enjoy their rooftop beer garden this summer! And also to steal the Lagunitas artwork from the woman’s bathroom. The service was super friendly and I would like to try basically all of the food and also all of the beers from the binder — YES, THERE IS A BINDER FULL OF BEER.  The most intriguing part of the menu was the “jiggle square” – we were all too hungover to even ask about that one. We’ll. Be. Back. OH! And the waitress was probably the peppiest person we have ever encountered. It was borderline annoying in our condition, but we could tell she just genuinely loved brunch. Then she did this to each friggin check. brunch check


We walked for a long time because we went in the wrong direction twice #TheStruggle, but Ravenswood is so cute and the weather was so nice and there were such adorable dogs, we didn’t care!


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