#HBDJB + Fork You

Location: Fork
Neighborhood: Lincoln Square
Special Guests: Mari + Jeanna + Maddy + BGC + Marney


You might be wondering who we are wishing a happy birthday to in this post’s title. It’s none other than B! “B” actually comes from DJB, which comes from DJBridgeyB, which is a nickname B gave herself freshman year of college. She’s not a real DJ, but sometimes people think that she is.

In honor of B finally being able to get into all those 23+ bars we’ve been trying to hit up every weekend (jk), we celebrated with a brunch at Fork, which is a farm-to-table restaurant on Lincoln. Obviously there were other bday celebrations all weekend including Chicago’s Premiere Private Room Karaoke on Friday and a visit to a Ukranian Village bar on Saturday. Both involved crazy hangovers.



Since we had nine people in our party we called ahead to make reservations at Fork. By called ahead, we mean called about half hour before we were gonna get there [FAIL]. We were planning on getting there around 11:30 and they told us there would not be any room until 2, but we decided to just show up anyway and give it a shot. Luckily, when we got there there was a large party leaving so our wait was less than 20 minutes. Score! Shoutout to rollin’ deep.
The hosts/hostesses/servers were all so nice and cool and apologetic about us have to wait barely 20 minutes and we were like uh… we’re the ones who should be praising you for seating this walk-in group of 9 during prime brunching hours.

Our waitress’s name was Kathryn K and she was da bomb diggity (do people still say that? cuz she was). So kind and helpful and she even let us have nine separate checks because apparently we were so “nice.” Being polite pays, ya’ll.


McD: I ordered the mimosa flight because I couldn’t decide which mimosa I wanted #whitegirlprobz. I thought they would come as a mini serving of the regular mimosas, but they ended up coming in the same exact glass as a regular mimosa, just poured a tiiiiiny bit less. ¡¡¡¡This was the deal of a lifetime!!!! I got three mimosas (regular, pomegranate, and bellini) for just a few bucks more than a single one. Mimosas for everyone! Just kidding, they’re all for me.


B: I just got the pomegranate mimosa and Mcd called me out haaarddd when I didn’t call it the “pomosa” like listed on the menu. It was perfect for the hangover sitch, not too alcohol-y and v tasty and light. (Beware if you get a beermosa: it comes in a champagne glass, not a pint glass, and is also made with DaisyCutter.)

Howe: Just stuck with the coffee because this weekend was one pounding perpetual hangover. Note- not even MY bday weekend. The mugs at Fork were cute & large, never an empty cup. Maddy and I formed a coffee chain with the waitress when she came around for refills. Adorable.


Fork Chicago

B: I got the quiche of the day which had leeks, asparagus, tomatoes and some sort of Parisian cheese. It came with a salad on the side, which is not exactly my jam at brunch, but the dressing was good. The quiche was cute but I was not feeling the chalky texture of the cheese they put in, so I mostly just savored the crust and thought about the protein grams I would be getting from eating a flippin miniquiche.

McD: I got the poutine (which apparently is my signature dish) (From across the table Miss Elise explained to Marney, “McD is known for getting poutine”). They brought the fries to the table and then the server poured the gravy and cheese sauce on it in front of me. *fancy* Even though it had cheese sauce instead of cheese curds it was probably one of the best poutine dishes I’ve ever had.

Howe: Ordered the hangover helper purely because it included a biscuit. It had all of the breakfast things, which was everything I needed. HOWEVER, about 3 bites in i was chugging my water. This was the saltiest dish I’ve ever had, and to make things worse the biscuit was like a block of salt – others at the table confirmed. I still powered through, but loads of salt is NOT going to help out anyone’s hangover. #jussssayin


A few of the dishes we got were overly salty but still very good. Service was superb. Everyone at the table left pretty satisfied. We’d come back. {let’s keep this short since we have much afties to discuss}


Oh man. Where to begin?
After brunch we went to Half Acre with Maddy… They didn’t have our fave Over Ale on tap but we made do.

The Chicago Women’s Funny Festival was this weekend and since we missed Friday and Saturday we figured we might as well check out what was going on Sunday. They had about three acts going on at a time all day every hour so we figured we’d just show up at the venue (Stage 773) and see what was recommended. We got there around 5 so we decided to check out one of the shows at 6 that sounded interesting.

While we were waiting at the bar for our chosen comedic act to start (which by the way was only $14-such a steal!), one of the theater workers came up to us and asked if we wanted to see a free show. And we told him “No thank you sir.” LOL JK that would be dumb. We said hell yea free things! On our escort to the theater that this free show was in, we were informed that the act was two ladies who dress up as redneck men, and when we walked inside we saw there were only three other audience members inside. Four if you count the man working the stage lights. BUT this show ended up being SAW GUUUD. Three out of the four of us agreed that it was funnier than the show we actually paid for. Those tears of laughter were FLOWIN’.  [beer was also flowin’.]

Check out the lolz here!

The show we saw after was called Housebroken, and it was three ladies who make funny witty songs. There were tears of lolz and of feels. Also very good! ←lamest review ever

Then we went to Flat Top and continued our buzz and did something embarrassing with those sticks you put your name on.

Well, this is embarrassing.

Well, this is embarrassing.

THE END. of a super long day.


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