The Swedest Thing

Location: Tre Konor
Neighborhood: North Park
All in Attendance: The O3
north park brunch

Memorial Day is a very special day because of America, but also very special because if you have a 9-5 job, or 7-3:30 like McD, you probably get it off and can have some brunch!

To celebrate the many important Memorials, we went to Tre Kronor in North Park and had ourselves a Swedish breakfast. The cute, corner-resting breakfastry was pretty crowded because of the holiday and the beautiful weather. We had to wait about ten minutes to get seated, and then about 45 more to get our food after ordering our meals. In the meantime, though, we enjoyed the sun-filled interior complete with 1.) Troll Mural and 2.) Guy Fieri spray paint signature– Yes, Triple D has filmed at Tre Kronor. They also have outdoor seating in a very cute garden-like atmosphere, but we were verging on hangry  and took the table that came first.

diners driveins and dives

According to our waitress, they didn’t expect to be so busy, so while we were all jittery off of multiple cups of coffee waiting for our various breakfast starches, we also started to get annoyed. Who doesn’t plan for a busy brunch day on MEMORIAL DAY? Which, imho, is basically the unofficial start of the High Brunch Season (prepare yourselves). The lack of an alcohol menu was also starting to get to us. If we must wait almost an hour for our food, at least give us some mimosas!


Tre Kronor doesn’t serve alcohol, but they do serve some random Swedish-looking bottled beverages. We did not partake because we weren’t offered a drink menu, but the patrons around us seemed to be into them.


handwritten menu

B: The whole menu looked very good, (it also includes lunch), but I was on the prowl for an omelette. They had three different kinds, named after Swedish cities, and I went with the Oslo which had cream cheese, salmon and dill. And DAMN was it delicious. Cream cheese is legitimately the BEST omelette cheese because it gets melty quickly and deliciously. I felt like a goddamn grownup eating an omelette with dill and salmon in it and even though they brought hot sauce to the table, I didn’t need it! It also came with breakfast potatoes, which was a surprise because that was not listed on the menu. Even more unexpectedly, they were great! Considering people usually associate Swedish breakfast with sweet things, I was very impressed with Tre Kronor excelling in the savory department.


McD: I got the Swedish Pancakes (or Pannekaker if you want to try to pronounce that to your waiter) with a lingon berry spread. They were of course delicious and I must say, worth that super long wait.

sweish brunch

Howe: Ordered the Vanilla & Orange French Toast and… I’m sorry. I was not feeling this one. It was not as flavorful or yummy as the name, and with the wait time I NEEDED this to be amazing. Instant regret about not ordering a savory item. This was just a really plain meal for me. What would Guy say?

french toast


There was a heavily advertised blanket sale at the Swedish Store across the street. This place has the most modern clog section you’ve ever seen. So many cute and innovative Scandinavian things to look at!

muppet chef


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