West Loop Craft Beer Fest #NotBrunch
Neighborhood: Uh, West Loop, duh
Guest: McD’s cousin Christine!
Missing: B

Yes another Not Brunch for you! It’s #summertimechi and there are so many fun things we want to share. There’s a reason we named this blog Not Just Brunch, people.

We ended our Chicago Craft Beer Week festivities with the West Loop Craft Beer fest on Saturday. Unfortunately B was partying it up at our alma mater down south and could not join us.

Similar to the craft beer fest we went to in Union Station a while back, you pay for your ticket and get a little souvenir 4oz cup to sample beers. Except this one was kinda better because it was outside, the tickets were cheaper, and the cup was really made of glass. Not plastic. So we actually wanted to keep it – instead of chuck it into the river like last time. LOL JK we didn’t do that!
NJB does not endorse littering.

Chicago craft beer

One major drawback of this fest was that it was suuuuper crowded and there was not much empty space for people to just chill + drink + chat. It was difficult to find the “check in” area to get our cups and tickets – there were zero signs and it was located across a street. Once we got there they handed everyone a giant sheet of tickets that turned out to be pretty pointless. After the first 20 minutes the beer people stopped asking for them (much like the last beer fest – no one got time for ticket ripping.)

Some gallant gentleman offered us his “extra tickets” and we were like LOL, More pointless tickets for us.

west loop craft beer

When hunger struck that afternoon we all had a steak taco from the people there representing Little Goat, and it was damn delicious. It better have been, because it was $5 for one lil taco. We later went into the [indoor] French Market to get more food because it was right there and because beer makes a girl hungry.



A pretty fun time, slightly more crowded than your average Chicago street fest. There were only a couple strollers in the mix (thank you fest gods) so walking was slightly manageable! The price was right, the beer was cold, and there were some entertaining moments. Well done.

Favorites: some raspberry beer that was basically just juice, Revolution Rosa [duh], and we saved Lagunitas for last because it is king

See you next year, West Loop Craft Beer Fest!



Chillin on a rooftop in Old Town sippin more craft brews while people watching. Slightly alarmed that 9/10 white women we saw were wearing white jeans.


west loop chicago

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