Wristband Brunch: Return of the Buffet

Location: Duffy’s Tavern and Grille
Neighborhood: Lakeview

Duffy's lakeview

After a short car ride that included a shoeless driving McD and a hungover puke pit stop in a CVS parking lot [not McD], we found ourselves in Lakeview at another bar-turned-weekend-brunch-buffet place, Duffy’s. We had low expectations for this after Mistake Celt. When we walked up and saw the dog on their sign we were all “Oh, dog! Dogs are the best! Maybe it won’t be too bad…”


We chose Duffy’s even though we had our low expectations because the night before we had our Balls to the Walls (BTTW) night. This basically means we made a pact to get real shitty and let’s just say we accomplished this and then some. Needless to mention, we were hungover as f and needed quick nourishment, no waiting time, and something very low on the fancy scale.

We went into this brunch blind.

When we walked into ze bar we were 1. carded upon entry  2. the most underdressed people there and 3. seated right away in the front of the place. NOTE: If you come here hungover, ask to not be seated in the back because it is like a fricking night club back there: Dark, purple disco lights, and super loud thumping music. Actually, even if you’re not hungover don’t sit in the back because why?


Anyway, as soon as we sat down we were asked if we wanted Bloodys or mimosas. Bottomless drinks are part of the whole buffet deal, which is a semi-reasonable $25. Though we were not feeling very good we were just too hungover to turn down drink options, if that makes any sense. We went for the mimosas which were actually pretty good! We would have had more and really taken advantage of the bottomless aspect but we were definitely still drunk from the night before. Our waitress was really good about keeping our glasses filled, kinda (she would bring a full glass and then fill each of our individual glasses with it instead of just giving it to one of us).

After we got our mimosas, plates, and brunch wristbands (yes, WRISTBANDS), we had the buffet explained to us. It is in the back aka the d1sko n1ghtclUb r00m, on the stage (yes, THE STAGE). We made our way back there and thankfully it did not smell at all like stale beer and barf, as one would expect from a bar. All the food was right next to the DJ (yes, ACTUAL DJ IN A BOOTH) who announced a 2 for 1 jager bombs deal for the next 15 min (which is actually every hour so don’t be tricked!) Oh, and there was also a chocolate fountain (yes, CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN).

Duffy's brunch stageComplete disbelief that this brunch was really happening.


_DRINK-03 snl thanks champFor being so hungover and throwing up on the way to brunch, I was reaaaalllllly into those ‘sas. -B


duffy's brunch plate

There was a pretty good spread up on that dark blue mood lighted stage: some super fake neon orange mac n cheese which McD weirdly loved, cheese ravioli which was random but nice, 2 kinds of potatoes, scrambled eggs, lots of breakfast meats, muffins, cinnamon rolls, etc.

The hashbrowns were ON POINT— salty and tasteful. The other potatoes offered were scalloped and they were NOT good, kind of undercooked. As a group, we agreed scalloped is the worst way to eat potatoes.

The bacon was really flavorful (read: fatty and greasy) and had the perfect amount of crisp.

Baked goods were obviously from Jewel or some other store and were meh. And the biscuits were so disappointing. Also disappointing, but not surprisingly, the fruit was pretty lacking. They also have a salad, which is basically just pieces of iceberg lettuce.

**Note- we did not take advantage of their seafood or non-breakfast meats, but they has a lil chef there to serve shrimp and lobster (?) and a carving station.


We probably won’t be coming back, but if you want to spend your Sunday lounging around drinking unlimited mimosas and listening to a DJ spin bass-heavy hits then this is your spot. Duffy’s was a really mixed and super random crowd (not just bros! – #NJB), which made for some serious lolz. Minus the kids, because kids never make a brunch better.



The lake was riiiiight there and the weather was nice, so we had a nice post-brunch walk down the lakefront path. Gave us a lot of time to catch up on our previous night, which we didn’t all remember the details of TBH.

chicago lakefront spring 2014

The lake was so pretty that day, y’all. You know, before it gets warm and full of plastic forks & bodies.

We also did a little shopping. JK, lots of shopping on Diversey.
Purchases of note: Howe got a kewt neon coin purse thing from Urban and a black dress from Express #summer? McD got a pair of jeans a size too small because goals are important in life. B got a pair of fre$h leopard-print Adidas sneakers.
you guys —

Our day ended at about 5pm. This is catch-up (ketchup?) for all our absent afties lately. But what will we do when free Sunday parking leaves in May?  Brunch as we know it will never be the same (well, it will be the same as it was a year ago when you always had to pay for Sunday street parking).


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