“Green” Buzzword Brunch

Restaurant: Uncommon Ground on Clark
Neighborhood: Lakeview/Wrigleyville
Attendees: the classic trio


If you remember our last brunch catastrophe at ActOne (not enough food) and thought we deserved some good karma, here it is, folks, an overabundance of egg-based foods at Uncommon Ground.

When we strolled in this past Sunday around 11 we were greeted with a wait time of 15 minutes (we wanted a good table) and an array of Uncommon Ground’s highest awards: the Mayor’s Landscape Award Winner in 2011, the Governor’s Sustainability Award 2010, USGBC Environmotion Award 2009, etc. (Award for most awards coming soon–it was like the Meryl Streep of Green Restaurants) Pretty impressive but most impressive is the fact that they were on Check Please!, amiright? Check Please! is the key to everything in this town. (We miss you Alpana Singh! the new lady has crazy eyes.)

While we waited for the table we got our first round o drinks at the bar…


uncommon ground chicago drinkmeter

B: Started with a Bloody Mary (on special for $6) but wasn’t particularly impressed, so she switched it up with an Ancho Villa for her second drink. Unfortunately, not only was it a little too strong for a brunch drink- I mean, I want some alcohol in da morn, but not at the expense of seeming like I need it – it was served with a lemon garnish instead of cilantro and I am a cilantro fiend, so it was disappointing.

McD: Can’t remember what it was called but I ordered a drink that was basically vanilla infused bourbon with hot water and fresh lemon juice (not a hot toddy, it was something else–anyone out there know what this might be called?) It was so gooooood and smooooooth you couldn’t even tell the bartender spilled a shit ton of bourbon in there. Unfortunately it was so warm in the restaurant I couldn’t finish it without having multiple hot flashes but it was something I would order again.
30 rock jack burban

Howe: had the Grapefruit juice drink which I also forget the name of… Basically a more tropical, more alcoholic greyhound. A good way to start the morning, but kinda set me off since I may have still been a little drunk.


B: The seasonal omelette, made with local, fresh ingredients(!), had caramelized onions, mushrooms, and cheese. All of these are standard and solid omelette ingredients- Uncommon knows not to mess with the formula too much, leading to satisfying dishes. The caramelized onions also made an appearance in the hashbrowns, but I love caramelized onions so I couldn’t even hate. I also had sourdough bread toast and a homemade, slightly runny jam.

McD: I got the chilaquiles that I’ve had on my mind since our last brunch. I’m glad I waited for these ones–a bit spicy, generous portion, and the tortilla bits were slightly crunchy, not soggy. Not sure what else to say… it’s hard to critique a dish that is eggs, tortilla, cheese, and chorizo. Plus they came with hashbrowns! Which were honestly average but I can’t complain, I mean they were organic! I do prefer my hashbrowns to be very brown and crunchy, though.

Howe: The sustainable egg sliders. I could not bring myself to say that full name out loud, so I technically just had the egg sliders. These things were HUGE. Not actual sliders, but 2 full on breakfast sandwiches (took one to go y’all.) The hashbrowns were amazing, but these sandwiches were my favorite brunch item in a while – crazy flavorful! They were served on zee fluffiest english muffins I’ve ever encountered, and while they were crazy greasy, it was a “real breakfast satisfaction” kind of greasy. Seriously, amazing.

Post-meal I ordered a spiked peppermint coffee (the Peppermint Patti – Obvz) off Uncommon Ground’s mega coffee list. Overlooking that they are SERVED IN BOWLS, we had a lul fest when that arrived at the table. Deliciously embarrassing.

giant coffee bowl


We’d come again for the bowls of coffee (McD rull sad she missed out on that one) and to try out other things on the menu, especially that extensive drink menu. Of note: both hashbrowns AND breakfast potatoes are offered as sides, though we all opted for the hash. Maybe we should go back in the name of potato reviewing?

This is a solid brunch option. The crowd was fairly diverse, at least in terms of age, though we might have been the only non-Lakeview yuppies there. Also, the Shamrock Shuffle was earlier that morning and Uncommon Ground seemed to be a post-shuffle hot spot, which made us feel like losers for not running a 5k before sitting down to a sustainable meal. #DudesWithCalves.  But no one minded as we snapped the pics for NJB and loudly recalled our hilarious brush with butt-grabbing assholes at a taco establishment that previous Friday night #feminism.

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