Act One: We’re Still Hungry

Location: Act One Pub
Neighborhood: Rogers Park
Guest: MoMoneyMari (repping her own hood!)

Act One Chicago Drinks

*Enter 20 minute Rogers Park Sunday parking search*

After looping around a few blocks on the hunt for parking we strolled into Act One Pub. NJB was unaware that this location was connected to The Mayne Stage, which was a pleasant surprise. We were seated by a very happy hostess with super red hair (werk it gurl) and went straight into the menu. From our research we knew 2 things: they had bottomless brunch & they had pound cake french toast.

We also knew that we were all starving. Like, much more than usual. So we were ready to take on this brunch. But… we had to wait to place our orders for quite some time because our waitress never came. And then it turned out they were out of the holy pound cake. Both bad signs.

After we finally ordered and got our first round of drinks, we had to wait SO LONG for our food to actually arrive. We swear, this is not an exaggeration because we were hungry or anything. Meanwhile the table watched like 6 episodes of Roseanne while waiting (okay, that part was an exaggeration; it was more like 1 episode).


Act One has a $20 bottomless brunch option, which includes your choice of brunch entree with bottomless Mimosas, Beermosas or Bloody Marys. However, to make this deal worth it, you have to have at least 3 drinks and we just didn’t have the time/tolerance/stamina for that on this particular day. But, if you are planning to drink a lot, that is legit a good deal. The individual drink prices, $5 per drink, is certainly not outrageous (especially because the mimosa comes in a huge wine glass instead of a flute, and is mostly champagne!)

drink meter act one chicago
It’s not that the drinks were that strong (well, McD’s mimosa was basically 90% champagne), but we were all working on pretty empty stomachs. Let’s say we were feeling it.


Act one french toast

Howe: Man. The table discussed the Poundcake French Toast for a while, and I settled on it because I’m looking for something to top the AMAZING Bongo Room french toast. When we ordered I was told that they are out of the Poundcake French Toast… WHAT. What ingredients did you run out of exactly?? Sigh. I switched over to the Thick-Cut French Toast, which was standard. Good, but nothing to brag about. I will say that, like everyone at this meal, we completely cleaned the plates. Which is highly unusual. It was a combo of us being ravenous & these portions not being as sizable as the average brunch should be.

Eggs B Chicago

McD: I was stuck between the Eggs Benedict and the Chilaquiles and finally ordered the Eggs Benedict over the Chilaquiles purely because they came with hash browns and the chilaquiles did not. Big mistake. Big. Huge. Such a disappointment when my plate came and there were breakfast potatoes instead of hashbrowns. Learn correct potato jargon, Act One. Worst of all is they weren’t even the crispy kind of breakfast potatoes. If you like non-crispy breakfast potatoes… you’re weird. The Eggs Benedict were good, really just your average Eggs Benedict.

Act one BLT

B: Even though the menu is not long, I still had a hard time deciding. Eventually, I went with something I had never even seen on a brunch menu before even though it seems obvious- a B.L.T. with an egg! You can have the egg any way and it comes with nothashbrowns. It was good  but you can’t really make a B.L.T. incorrectly, even with an egg, so I don’t think points can be awarded for how the actual sandwich tasted. Points will be deducted, though, BECAUSE THOSE WERE NOT HASH BROWNS.  (Also, not the usual amount of fullness of the stomach that a midday brunch usually brings.)

Brunch plate

Mari: I got a sausage, cheddar, and swiss omelette with “hash browns” and a beermosa. The beermosa was really good and I got moderately tipsy… but that could’ve been because it was the only thing to keep us company as we waited approximately 8 hrs for the food. The omelette was your average omelette, so if we went again, I’d go with my original choice (Belgian waffle). The “hash browns” were mere breakfast potatoes… so. yeah. We were all disappointed. *cue joke about us rioting* They do get points for providing ketchup without us asking doe…. the place was adorable, and RP 4lyfe.


There was a Chili Fest going on in the actual music venue part, aka Mayne Stage (cute pun on the intersecting street, Wayne) so the bathrooms smelled like chili. A plus?

No one was satisfied by the amount of food we got. We all left still slightly hungry, how is that even possible for brunch? We are mostly concerned about this because you want to have a lot of food if you are going hard at a bottomless brunch.

The service, while uber-friendly, was not particularly prompt or attentive. We waited so long for the food and even longer for our second round of drinks. Our waitress was smiley enough but she never checked on us. Despite all this this we have to admit the prices are good; the most expensive brunch, Steak and Eggs, was only $11.

We should note that people definitely come here for the bottomless brunch. After 2+ hours in this place the crowd had not left, the same people that were there when we were seated were going strong as we left. People were getting SHITTY. And let it be known that there was no game on TV. In fact, Roseanne was on EVERY TV in this place [Howe dreams coming true.]
Roseanne brunch


Since we were all still hungry and no one ordered coffee at Act One, some caffeine+sugar afties was needed. Which brings up another point, there was no coffee on the menu at brunch? We didn’t bother to ask, maybe they did serve coffee, but it was not listed on the menu and not seen on any other tables- kinda weird. So, we all got these fuckin’ sneaky milky-ass lattes from The Common Cup, a very indie coffee shop where they donate tips to charity (cool!) but also have shit tons of posters that talk about how sustainable they are, even though posters aren’t exactly tree-friendly last time I checked.

We also had an embarrassing photo shoot by some good old fashioned Rogers Park graffiti. All in the name of NJB! This is for you! McD’s dad always tells her to quit teaching and be a model (seriously), what do ya’ll think of her modeling skills? Is there a niche for models under 5’1” with graying hair? Do I have a chance? Let me know.



We are gems —————

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