Brunch, Beers, & Boutiques

Location: O’Shaughnessy’s Public House
Neighborhood: Ravenswood

Hangover MeterO’Shaughnessy’s is located right on Ravenswood in a little industrial nook and is a real neighborhood kind of joint. It has very typical Irish pub decor, lots of wood and decorative windows, very pretty. The place is actually HUGE but we sat ourselves in our own little corner by the bar where they were playing the Olympic Ski Jumping on the TVs (wtf is that sport tho?)

We were feeling weird this morning, due to our extra boozy Saturday night and also the fact the the weather was super beautiful for once. Sun? Is that you? We’re going to the pub anyways.

irish brunch


O’Shaughnessy’s does not have a brunch drink menu but it’s a pub so it basically has any alcohol you could want.

B: Since no drink menu was provided, I went with beer (Three Floyd’s Gumballhead). Sometimes, plain beer is just nice to have with brunch because you can drink it early in the day, but still not be too much of an alcoholic. Also, bars always be runnin out of Gumballhead so you gotta take it where you can get it.

Howe: Allagash White, yummy and light! I’m usually drinking this beer when its available and its a pretty good breakfast beer IMHO. We thought about asking for beermosas, but in a pub? We did not want to shame our fathers.

McD: Had too much beer the night before and could not stomach another, so I ordered a ginger rye. I gotta say I felt like my Great Aunt Sheila drinking this highball so early in the day. It had fresh lime juice which I don’t think is typical, so that was a nice touch. ravenswood drinks


irish brunch

McD: Had the O’Shaughnessy Omelet, which had bangers, sausage, rashers, onions, green pepper, and Irish Cheddar. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with this combo. Unless you’re a vegetarian. I know I once said I didn’t like omelets, but brunch blogging has changed my whole outlook on life! I have seen the [omelet] light! The standout was the potatoes. Cooked to perfection.

egg plate

B: Was deciding between the breakfast sandwich and the Corned Beef Hash, and went with the latter. I was expecting to be truly impressed with the Corned Beef Hash because Irish, but unfortunately, this fell pretty short. It has a preservative-y aftertaste, which just got worse and worse as I continued. Not even my beer could make me feel better about this.

brunch plate

Howe: THE HANGOVER SANDWICH. Lets just say if I had a real hangover I would not have been able to handle the sight of this. This started off good but it was SO MUCH to cut through. The meat was sub-par; wish the Irish bacon was cooked a bit longer. But the breakfast potatoes saved the day.


Gonna keep this one short because although the food was pretty solid, there was nothing really remarkable about this typical Irish pub. (I actually couldn’t even remember where we had gone/what I had had -B). None of our plates or drinks stood out as being anything special. That being said, not to name names here but there are plenty of shitty Irish pubs on the Northside and O’Shaughnessy’s is definitely not one of them. It’s clean and has an extensive food menu. I don’t think we would go out of our way to come again but if you’re in the neighborhood definitely check it out. Any place with a “BREAKFASTMEATS” section is a place you can respect.



If you know anything about Ravenswood you know its one of the most adorable neighborhoods. On a nice day, like the one we were living, it has a movie-esque quality and it seriously feels like you are not allowed to be there unless strolling with your BF, BFF(s), or dog/baby. That being said, we decided to hit up some of the small shops after brunch.

We went to Howe’s personal favorite boutique, Ravensgoods, first. And yes, it’s as cute as it sounds. Howe bought some jewelry and part of a gift, while B bought two posters of the CTA map, but classy–one was for her and one was for Mari’s birthday! They carry a variety of pretty unique posters, their featured poster being “Chairs of Chicago,” chronicling all the chairs people put out to block their shoveled-out parking spaces. I really can’t get enough of this shop.


Across the street we ventured to Amy’s Candy Bar. Just popped in to take a look but naturally walked out with some goodies (IRL/ENG imports!). This place is small, adorable, and I have never seen a child inside. “It’s like Dylan’s Candy Bar.” -B

After wandering to Montrose we popped into Starbucks. The baristo taking orders was either drunk or did not give a fuckkk about his job, as he was hanging over the counter being insanely sarcastic to everyone. It felt like we were on a secret camera show and someone was secretly filming our reactions to this crazy hipster man. (We liked this?) Drinks in hand, we went next door to hazel. This store has a little bit of everything and is always packed on the weekends. Always.
All in all, we had an awesome Sunday and spent some serious dollerz. #SmallBizness


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