DTLG (DownTown La Grange)

Maddy Brunch LaGrange

Location: Prasino
Neighborhood Suburb: The dirty LG
Guesty-Guest: Maddy
Home because she was sick: McD

Let’s keep this short & sweet because… MAAAAN are we late on this one, y’all.
A couple of weeks ago you may recall Drake hosted SNL and that night we slept over at Maddy’s, of NJB fame, house. Guess what? LaGrange has brunch, too! So famous that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have dined there! (no photographic evidence… but like ERRYONE in LG was talking about it.)

Crate and Barrel coffee creamer

Prasino is known for organic/earth friendly/vegan dishes and caters to the young and old alike. Drink menu was long but standard.


group breakfast drinks

B drank a Bloody Maria! A spicy Bloody Mary that was pretty good! Howe had the fruit-mosa (shock). But this thing was not as fruity as one would think. I mean, that name implies much flavor and that is not what was up. And when a drink is this small I think we all expect it to have a bit of a kick… and it didn’t. NVER AGN. Maddy got the champear “sparkler” for the alcoholz. It was really taystee. Amaretto makes anything taste like candy so yeah. I liked it. And it was pretty.


B had breakfast tacos with tofu. Not the most flavorful breakfast tacos, not the worst; overall, okay.

tofu tacos White breakfast taco avacado

Howe had the Jump Start Tacos. Seemed promising since you can’t go wrong with egg whites, avocado, cheese. But these things were so bland. I had to go heavy on the tabasco. As for the taters, they were tasty but way way too soft, don’t let their color deceive you!

suburban brunch omlette

Maddy got the city farm omelette. There was A LOT of goat cheese. So for me, it was fantastic because goat cheese. If you don’t like goat cheese, you’re dumb…but also, don’t get this omelette.  [Howe note: Maddy thought they legit dropped a log of goat cheese into some eggs to make this thing.]


Prasino (pronounced the less cultured way you think it is pronounced because Maddy called their voicemail one time) really goes for their theme of natural and organic in their decor, as well. Lots of bamboo/light wood/tvs showing animal pictures (ahhhbviously) and the worst, cheapest wall art I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. Truly, Prasino, if you got rid of those random printed canvases  I bet even more celebs would make the random stop in La Grange to visit you. It looked like a stock photo house threw up in a pretty restaurant.

Adding these nice animal TVs was a pretty serious mistake:

Stock photo animals wtf

-Who did this?-


We traveled back to da city and BGC to watch our lover Drake on SNL because we all took a blood oath we would watch it together. And then, of course, we watched more Drake vids. You need to watch that fucking episode, the man is a Canadian treasure.


A Departing  Poem:
Yes, this is a shorter post
than most
I don’t think anyone had toast
we had to leave to watch Drake host SNL.

p.s. There a Prasino in Wicker… might be worth checking out everyone. I’d assume less stock photos and old women in fur coats.
p.p.s. Our waiter had a nice butt and an accent

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