Sha Sha Schubas

Schuba's christmas

Restaurant: Schubas Tavern
Neighborhood: Lakeview
Guest: Maddy–it’s becoming a thing

A couple months ago when we were driving home from a brunch, our eyes were on the lookout for any more promising spots to consume egg-based delicacies when we saw a sign for “Acoustic Brunch” at Schubas. Before you get too excited, though, we just want to let you know that acoustic brunch happens at 12, and since we arrived before then we did not have delightful musical accompaniment. But we did have a delightful brunch.

I had never been to Schuba’s before, and it looked pretty bar-y, so, based on our turrible experience at Mystic Suck-My-Celt I was apprehensive. However, the worrying was for nothing! Schubas is a popular place with the brunch and family crowd and there are several rooms so no worries about being accosted by the leftover aroma of desperation typical of bars at 2am. It is classy, if cramped (we were seated at a table that could comfortably fit maybe three) and features some interesting glass bubble lights and, being the month of December, some klassay X-mas decorations. It also features mostly silence, since we arrived too early for acoustic brunch, but if you wait for it, you may hear two 30 second snippets of Drake played on the speakers (this really happened).

A small note about the bathrooms: These were no fancy JAM bathrooms with Kleenex brand tissues. McD could not look at her beautiful reflection in the mirror because it was too high, like 2+ feet over the sink. Schuba’s = not little person friendly.

Our night before was not particularly crazy. It was lolzy and weird, though. (read: Logan Square y U always gotta b w3ird?) So, minimal hangovers. We all got a round of beermosas since Schuba’s does not have much of a brunch cocktail list but we also had to explain how to make one/what glass to put it in. We are becoming true brunch bosses. On the plus side: they were kinda strong and pretty good! On the minus side: who doesn’t know how to make a beermosa? This makes me sad because that means people don’t get beermosas enough and that should change.  P.S. WE ALL GOT TWO. WHOA, CRAZY.


The brunch menu at Schuba’s is certainly not extensive, nor it is really innovative. A lot of of their dishes feature Mexican cuisine staples like black beans, Chihuahua cheese, and tomatillo salsa. They also have your standard omelette/French Toast/scrambled eggs but as you’re about to find out, they do what they know cause they KNOW how to do it well.

B: I got the Mario omelette because omelettes are wonderful and I love them and it was a lil spicy and it was gooooood, you guyz. Not that I am one to complain about omelettes but I haven’t had a really good one in a while and this was it–the perfect ratio of egg to extra ingredients and cheese. All the omelettes came with toast and the most perfect shredded hashbrowns. [Maddy had the same].

acoustic brunch

McD: Reluctantly ordered the Popeye omelet. I say reluctantly because normally I don’t care for omelets, but this one had spinach, mushrooms, and goat cheese, so how could I pass that up? It was very delicious, with perfect distribution of the ingredients. Those hashbrowns were the best I’ve had on our brunch blog journey so far and I wish there had been more. [Note by B: McD is always saying how she “doesn’t like omelettes” but then she gets them and always likes them…]

Howe: Was also feeling the omelet vibe, so I went with the Mona. Egg whites and goat cheese, need i say more? While I have to agree that the hashbrowns really stole the show for this brunch (my compliments to the chef), the omelette was tasty and filling. They were generous with the goat cheese and that’s all you could hope for.

We were a little bit pissed that we missed acoustic brunch, but we were way too hungry to lookup any information – it happens. But once more we were surrounded by well dressed waiters with shweeeet beards, beards so good that we almost asked why they don’t work at Lula. Our waiter was sweet even though we demanded beermosas, and the food was surprisingly good. Slowly, the NJB crew’s faith in bar brunches is being restored. The only downside here was that the table was wayyy too small for the four of us and our typical multiple brunch drinks.

B had to go decorate her aunt’s Christmas tree and so there were not actual afties, even though we did have that extra drink after the meal so it was a little like afties? Beyonce was obviously the topic of conversation.
beyonce brunch

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