frasca chicago

Location: Frasca
Neighborhood: Lakeview
Special guests: Maddy & Nollie

Frasca, Frasca, Frasca, what is there to say about you, my love? Is it so good because of the company one keeps while there? Maddy (you remember her right???) and Nollie, a friend we met through Maddy joined us for this outing at Frasca, located at the corner of Paulina, Roscoe, and Lincoln in Lakeview. [Full disclosure: Howe had been to Frasca a few times before, B had been once and McD was experiencing the usually wine bar and pizzeria for the first time].

Frasca is a classy place, with a wine bar in the middle of the room and lots and lots and lots of natural wood and also ESPN bowling played on the televisions. The clientele is just as eclectic, with #whitegirls & families & creepy guys with disturbing combovers [no pic, cause you would barf]. So, at Frasca, everyone is welcome, even if they lie and tell you the wait is going to be a while but then turns out to be five minutes (is this a normal brunch thing? Recall Jam?). Everyone on the waitstaff is fab or beautifully bearded, bonus points.

B had the MOST WONDERFUL BLOODY MARY SHE HAS EVER HAD EVER. I AM SERIOUS. Not only was it delicious and tomatoey and spicy and the waiter asked if a specific brand of vodka was preferred (supa fancy), but the garnishes–the garnishes! A cherry tomato, cocktail olive, piece of fresh mozzarella cheese and a scrunched up piece of salami were accompanied by a tiny little bottle of Miller Lite. All for $8!! Truly spectacular. [McD note: normally not a fan of Bloody Marys but I had a sip of this one & I didn’t hate so it must have been rull good]

Howe & McD had the standard mimosa, once again. However, the brunch drink menu was only 3 drinks long… surely we could have asked for something else but we need our vitamin C on y’all. Just be aware that you will get judged for not getting a brunch drink, like when the waiter asked Maddy “so…. you’re just good with the coffee then?” #SASS



B: While a breakfast pizza exists, and B wanted to get it, she was seated at the end of a table for four (get your seating shit togetha Frasca) so was pretty sure there would not be room for her usual twelve cups AND a bfast pizza. Thus, she got the Fried Egg Sandwich, (“That’s my favorite!”- extremely friendly waiter), and hash browns. This egg sandwich, y’all, IS SO DELICIOUS. It comes on rye bread, and has all the necessities of egg sandwichery, including cheese, tomato, lettuce, etc. I don’t know how they do it, but it is perfect. The hash browns are something special because not only are they the shredded kind, but they also are mixed with some cream or something and therefore are denser than you could ever need. Even though B only finished half of her sandwich, due to a pre-brunch Lunchable, she wished she could have eaten it all. Plus, there was all that food in the bloody mary.

McD: Had the same Fried Egg Sandwich as B. She pretty much said it all; the cheesy hash browns were heavy, yet so good. The eggs on the sandwich were just slightly runny so thankfully there wasn’t a massive puddle of yolk all over the place (ahem fancy bfast sandwich from Lula). I ate every last bite (which is never a problem for me but still [let’s be real even if I had had a Lunchable first like B I still would have eaten the whole thing whatisselfcontrol?idk]). Random McD fact: I lived alone senior year of college for a semester and would eat whole pizzas by myself on the reg, then continue on to half a box of cereal for dessert without pause. [Howe note:  O___O ]

Howe: Ordered the Benedict of the day – WHATWHAT! Here’s the bad news, they change this all the time. So i’m going to break some hearts when I say IT WAS AMAZING. Steak eggs benedict + cheesy hashbrowns. A brunch that dreams are made of. It looked as good as it tasted and I would order it all over again, if… you know, they had it permanently on the menu. I will say they their browns were not as brown as they should have been. I needs a lil crunch, nahimsayin? This dish was so delicious that it pains me to think about the fact that I didn’t even finish it. Why didn’t I finish? Because B came to the pre-brunch meetup with tidings of great peach gummy rings (my kryptonite).

Maddy: “I got the Lincoln ave omelet without artichoke (I’m almost positive that was the name) with house potatoes. You know what the potatoes taste like so u got dat. The omelet was really good- lots of melted goat cheese, which is ideal for a goat cheese lover such as myself. Could have used a more even distribution of asparagus and roasted red pepper (not enough pepper) Coffee tasted a lot like coffee so that’s good.”

Nollie: “And I got the scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and fruit cup. The showstopper was the toast for sure. The bacon came in close second.” [A note about Nollie: she was legit STARING at other tables’ dishes to decide what to get and kept doing so throughout the meal. All she wanted was dat toast, tho.]

Solid solid brunch place. And if you’re not feeling brunchy, they have some delicious looking non-breakfast pizzas.  At Night, the wine and cheese options are phenomenal, and the mood so soo sexsayy. Bring a date or your CheetoPuff boyf.

frasca brunch winter

Did you guys know Paul Rudd was on SNL Saturday?  Well thanks to Maddy’s Aunt Denise and her texts messages, we knew that the first five minutes were spectacular so we decided to watched it at Nollie’s apartment, affectionately called the Bad Girls Club, located four blocks away from Frasca.
After a quick Starbucks pitstop (where McD had a tea-choice crisis in front of the barista – and you call yourself Irish..) and a pop-in at a going-out-of-business print sale we all gathered round to LOL at SNL.  This was followed by watching many a Drake music video and swoonin’ the afternoon away as we fell down the music video rabbit hole.

All around awesome Sunday. It started to snow during brunch and it was beautiful, beautiful we tell ya. B kindly offered to clean the snow off McD’s car but conveniently forgot to brush off the driver’s side window a.k.a. the most important window.

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