JAM Sesh

Location: Jam
Hood: Logan Square


JAM chicago

Welcome to the JAM.
Life is like a breakfast sandwich. It’s messy. At least the ones with runny eggs.

Last Sunday we brunched at Jam. It’s on Logan right by the actual Logan Square in Logan Square. It’s one of those places that is culinarily top-notch fancy (no plain old flapjacks here) and has smallish portions that are beautifully plated. But they keep it affordable and accessible for us plebes who pretend we know stuff about food (like wtf are pink peppercorns idk but they were in our French toast). The inside is all mod, and I just gotta share this quote from their website: “The graceful repetition of geometric patterns engenders poise and placidity” –it’s true! My exact thoughts!

When we got in it was super crowded with a lot of people waiting, or it might have just seemed that way because there was not much waiting area space (the restaurant itself is pretty small). We were told there would be a 45 minute wait and we decided to stick it out. Howe and B went next door to get some coffee at New Wave, but literally just a minute after they left the place cleared out and McD was seated at her table for 3 – ALONE. Plus side is, she got some coffee before the others, and we didn’t have to awkwardly wait 45 minutes in that tiny space.

Our waiter was super friendly and nice, as was the hostess. But the hostess was only nice to McD because she was so very alone [Howe note- sup New Wave Coffee]. After we were all reunited at the table and started taking in the view of la boulevard the waiter was all over us. You could tell this man loved his job and was so stoked to tell us about the menu specials and gush that the french toast was voted one of the best dishes in the country. We ordered the french toast as an appetizer to share – because we might have been shamed if we passed up that opportunity. The French toast was very very good. Not sure how to put it into words… but it was they eggiest toast I have ever known. The raspberry sauce and whipped cream set it off, but top 10 dishes in the country? We won’t go there. [Have you been to Lula Cafe?]


JAM Chicago Brunch


Right after we put in our drink and app order, our table received a surprise. Free mini muffin zerts! Sweet potato something! Tiny little bite size pastries for every table for no reason other than JAM be jammin’.



Hangover Meter: Low (moods: rull weird once again)

Food & Dranks:
Jam brunch drinks

B: ordered the Beatrix Potter house cocktail, recommended by FriendlyWaiter. It consisted of carrot juice and bourbon and was pretty strong! And also brighter orange than a #psl. She also got the egg sandwich which was truly delicious and truly messy. But such is life, and breakfast sandwiches are especially delicious when they feature pulled pork, which this one did. It also came with little fingerling potatoes, which were seasoned so well, but definitely should have been cooked longer.

Howe: Drank the Kir Royal – which was  just champ with a lemon? Not sure but I looked real cool drinking it + it was tasty and light. The tea from new wave was also good! But the place is sort of crazy/a lot like you are living on the set of FRIENDS if they were hipsters. Anyways, I ordered the egg whites and had no idea what to expect because JAM likes to mix it up. Da E-whites were surprising (in a good way), a really brightly colored dish. Many flavs, mostly a kale, beet, & mixed nut salad with like 30% egg, but twas filling. Beets for breakfast? Why not.

McD: had the mimosa with hand squeezed OJ that was definitely the best she’s ever had. It had hella pulp, but she was too embarrassed to scoop out the pulp with a spoon even though it would have been delicious. She ordered the Eggs Benedict, which came with sweet corn Hollandaise sauce and maple sugar bacon sausage. When it came it looked so mini, but ended up being very filling, and so good! Not gonna lie, the sweet corn Hollandaise tasted like normal Hollandaise but maybe my taste buds are not developed enough (remember I was not a fan of that fancy breakfast sandwich at Lula- what am I doing talking about food on a food blog I’m not sure).

Chicago JAM brunch food

Jam is seriously beautiful and cozy and bright and basically everything you could want in a brunch place, even if you get stuck/wrapped in the fringe curtain like McD. Lucite eerryyyywhere and also Kleenex brand Kleenex in the bathrooms!!! The service is soooooo friendly. At one point B’s adult breakfast beverage was teetering between the table and the place mat, and the waiter swiftly and wordlessly placed it on level ground. And we were all “oh no you didn’t B.”

Considering the food is so fancy, it is super welcoming and they don’t care if you accidentally leave your one friend because you desperately need coffee and then she has to sit alone at the table for ten minutes. We should mention that it is not a place you need to dress up for, however… mid way through our meal we noticed that all three of us were wearing cream-beige sweaters and prob looked like a group of moms having a girls day #SweaterWeather. Obviously, the clientele is hipsterific, being literally on Logan Square Blvd, but a range of hipsters, which is what counts. Great place to go when you aren’t hungover and need to plan Black Wednesday with your lady frans.

brunch sweatersyou just got jammed.

We drove over to Roscoe Village to stroll through the boutiques. Going to yuppieville right when is get cold is great because no strollers! But sad because less dogs 😦
But also you can meet boutique dogs like Henry [of Fixture], who will lick the lotion sample right off your hands! (a true thing that happened, he was the cutest).
Starbucks in hand, we passed through several of the mom-ish stores. Howe picked up a pair of smartphone gloves — winter is coming. And on our last pop-in at Glam To Go we touched all of the shiny things while totally eavesdropping on rich ladies talking shit about an even richer lady (AKA the American dream). A classic Roscoe ending that just makes you hate it all over again and once again even out the hipster/yuppie ratio in all our lives.

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