Revolutionary Brunch

Location: Revolution Brew Pub
Neighborhood: Logan Square + Avondale
Special Guest:  The Honorable Mari

Since most of us spent our Friday night in (except pArtygUrL B) we decided Saturday called for some serious day drinking. And what better way than brunch at a brewery? Our wonderful amiga Mari was on fall break in town from grad school and returning the next day so we needed a final celebration.

The Revolution Brewpub is located in Logan Square on Milwaukee about a mile away from the brewery. They are open for brunch, dinner, late night munchies, and everything in between, but they do not take dining reservations. Therefore, we were expecting a long wait and lots of hipsters, but we just beat the rush and were met with a not-too-long wait time lots of old people and babies (admittedly, many of those babies were hipster babies).

During our wait we sat by a cozy fire, surrounded by babies, and sipped on the Christmas seasonal beer Fistmas (omgsogewd) and some Bottom Up WIT white ale. Basically, Revolution can do no wrong with their beers.


revolution brunch chicago drinks

like- after this we sang “lets talk about brunch baby” on the way to the car

Howe and McD were jonesing for some of the revolution hibiscus beer, but since it’s seasonal we made due without. (Rosa, where are youuuu?) Howe went for her all-time Revolution fave, the WIT and also sampled the Merry Fistmas (and like, I get that this name ties into their brand… but it still feels weird to order). Howe and McD also later ordered beermosas with their meal, which you really cannot go wrong with. B had two different beer cocktails made with Revolution beer, one with Fistmas and one IPA Greyhound, which were both so flavorful she was grateful they were served in small portions.


McD- ordered the breakfast pizza, which had eggs, mozzarella, red peppers, and jalapaños. The menu claimed it came with red potatoes, which I mistook for 4 thinly sliced radishes when my plate came and didn’t even realize they were potatoes until I was finished eating. It wasn’t my favorite brunch meal of all time but it was solid pub food that complemented my beermosa nicely. [Howe note: she was weeping over how spicy this things was.]

Howe- fought off the urge to french toast this one and ordered the breakfast burger. I looked like an idiot whilst ordering (the menu was pretty vague, and didn’t say if it was really a “burger” or if it came on a bun). I inquired how burger-like the breakfast burger really is, and well yeah its just a burger with an egg and bacon. So…  IT WAS SCRUMPTIOUS. But not as good as the side of mashed potatoes, those potatoes were my everything.* The burger made me wish I had something more brunchy, but no complaints.

revolution brewpub brunch

Mari- had the applewood smoked wings. IN HER OWN WORDS: I usually never get wings, cause I’m not a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings, but they were really fucking good. I actually told my roommate about them and how I need them right now. And while eating them, I said in my head, and I kid you not, “omg, you can actually taste the apple-ness” but thought it was lame to say out loud. The sauce was medium-hot, and really good. The garlic cream cheese mashed potatoes were also really frikkin good. The perfect combination of creamy and chunky.

B- went crazy and ordered the daily frittata (OMG ALMOST LIKE AN OMELETTE) that had mozzarella, tomatoes, spinach and a balsamic reduction– ya, das right, fancy shit up in the Rev. It came with breakfast potatoes, which are always good, if slightly salty, and a biscuit. The biscuit ended up not being completely consumed cause it was a lot of food, son. Overall good, I just wish there had been more of the balsamic because it was delicioussss.

*hard to say how accurate this is because we were all a lil drunk by the end of the meal.

This is the best possible location if you get stuck in the brunch rush because the waiting area is adorbz and obvs cause there is good beer to keep you company. The location is very deep in Logan, and if you’re into that its a perfect spot [and if you’re into that you’ve already been here]. The place is small for what it is (you can see the brewery in the back, which takes up a good amount of space) but it’s very cozy and has 2 floors. We were sat in a nook on the 1.5th floor(?) which was the perfect spot to look down on the bar and gaze at the all the pretty hand painted signs, one of which rightfully points out “New York Pizza Sucks” lolololol, Revolution, you tell it like it is.

In our drunk satisfaction we decided to forgo a shopping trip and instead keep the drinks flowing. Which mean that we drove one neighborhood over to Avondale to the BIG Revolution Brewery. What we thought would be a hipster fest seemed to be a bit more touristy than we imagined (but not overwhelmingly so, as this place is a pretty sketch warehouse). The bar was excellent and the tour of the brewery is free! We sat around drinking our next round of brews (Logan Berry, Working Woman Brown Ale, and more Fistmas) and admiring beards for the hour until the tour began.

revoltion anti-hero

If y’all have never been on a brewery tour, we recommend one where you don’t have to pay, because to be honest, the actual explanations of brewing beer are not that interesting. Some highlights, though, include a complimentary can of Fistmas, free popcorn, the tour guide/bartender who sports a Revolution logo tattoo (how long did he work at Revolution until he got it? does everyone have to have one?? will he ever be hired at a different brewery??? would he ever want to????).

Some not-so-highlights include the touristy weirdos, two of whom were pretty drunk (and apparently from Michigan #whocares) and asked some dumbass questions and were touching important brewing things THAT WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TOUCHED, and also the terrifyingness of walking into a giant factory warehouse with minimal signage on Kedzie right next to a normal residential neighborhood, only to find out it is super cool and has a GIANT American flag on the wall and also has beer in all its forms!


Revolution ber beer tour

To formally conclude, this was a badass day of day drinking. Even though we missed out on Howe’s offer of 20% off Sephora coupon and tipsy shopping, I think it’s safe to say a free brewery tour made up for it. As the sun was setting on our way home (because it was like 5 PM), we all knew we could rest easy that night knowing we had learned something new (how burr is made), made a new friend (does our bartender/tour guide Nathan count?), and supported our country (by taking pics in front of a giant flag).

LOL JK WE DIDN’T REST EASY THAT NIGHT because we all went out 5 hours later and got drunk again. The end.

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