PPG Halloween

In case you missed it, this last Thursday was Halloween, and I’m sure you all were waiting on pins and needles wondering what da eff the three brunchateers were gonna be. Wait no longer! We were:

powerpuff girls costumeThe PowerPuff Girls!

Obviously, individual characters were determined by hair color: B dyed her hair blonde for the summer and kept it therefore—Bubbles, Howe dyed her hair red so Blossom and McD is rockin da classy brunette hair color that her momma gave her and was Buttercup. Even though, if it came down to personalities, things would have played out quite differently (McD teaches young children, that’s a job for Bubbles if I ever heard one).

The night was successful even though the two steadily workin ladies, McD and Howe, had to work the next morning. Some people knew who we were and some, I’m sure, wondered why three girls bought out ASOS’s stock of dresses in solid colors.

And how could we not do this:


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