Suburban Delight

Walker Brothers Pancake House (The Original!)
“Neighborhood:” Wilmette– It’s a suburb

In the cab ride home after a particularly lolzy Friday night in Logan Square, we drunkenly made brunch plans for the next day. However, B promptly forgot and slept til noon! So brunch was more like lunch! Lol! (Let’s be honest, our brunches rarely occur during the normal brunch hours. We are young working professionals who need our weekends to catch up on sleep!) We picked a more traditional brunch spot that fine Saturday: The Original Walker Brothers Pancake House. So we drove our slightly hungover asses to Wilmette. ~*glowing neon pancake sign.*~ Saturday Brunch typically has a much different vibe than Sunday. And based on the weird night that came before this brunch, I know we were all about different vibes.


Walker Brothers stain glass

The decor in Walker Bros is typical kitschy brunch place with a little extra kitsch (lots of stained glass and hardwood paneling). It has been around since Jesus walked the earth (basically). (And Lindsay Lohan won a gift certificate for Walker Bros. in Mean Girls, if you recall.) They are known for these mega apple pancake things that take up an entire plate and are about 3 inches tall and take an hour to bake. Though they looked crazy delicious, our stomachs simply could not wait that long.

Cheeto puff hipster

B’s ideal man

Our service was decent, and we had a busboy that called us pet names when he filled our coffee, in a weird but funny way? B’s spoon was dirty but we didn’t care enough to tell anybody. Our mood was very meh, maybe still a little drunk, and also slightly hysterical. Several times during our meal tears emerged from our eyeballs and half chewed food from our mouths because of laughing at the memories of aforementioned weird night. To give you just an example of our treat of a night, at one point we created a venn diagram on a cocktail napkin, while sitting at the bar, that depicts the commonalities of what we find attractive in men. The number one physical trait we all love in a man is a nice beard, and coincidentally there was a fine looking bearded man at the table near us at brunch. Also coincidentally, our bartender the night before had a nice beard. Oh wait, not coincidentally. It was in fact the bartender that sparked the inspiration for the diagram and he most definitely heard and saw us talking about him, seeing as we were sitting right at the bar. He also saw B take a puffy cheeto (*Cheeto Puff ™*) from her purse and eat it.

After we moved over to the final bar that night, cute bartender also showed up there and chatted us up like we were old pals! Then bought us a round of PBRs. Howe almost died. But thankfull did not, because then who would drive to Walker Bros?

In the car on the way to Walker Bros, McD expressed her love and desire for those traditional breakfast place hashbrowns that are crunchy shredded potatoes so although our meals did not come with them we all ordered hashbrowns on the side. They were aight, but we agreed they should have been crunchier.

[Howe note — McD’s hash brown conversation went on for days. She knows a ton about hashbowns… except for all of the names of any style they can been cooked.]

McD ordered the sausage and cheddar omelette that was recently featured on the Food Network. Normally not a fan of omelettes, her expectations were low. If you don’t like omelettes, why the f would you order one? Because the Food Network, guys, the Food Network. Anyways, McD ate the whole thing, even though it was more like a 6 egg omelette instead of 3 like the menu claims, so that tells you how good it was. It came with a side of fluffy, yummy pancakes with a huge delicious blob of butter on top. She could have gone with the fruit cup side instead, but likes to keep her figure slightly plump.  Everyone told McD not to eat the pancakes… but she did. And [classically] regretted it. Pretty sure we have never seen McD put away this much food at a brunch, or ever. Her determination was inspirational.


walker brothers pancake house


B and Howe got the same thing–Eggs Benedict! (missin dat pope, ya know? lolololnot) [B seriously loves pope-jokes and has made said Benedict joke countless times] B thought it was pretty good and also has never been able to successfully poach an egg, so you gotta get it where you can.

The Eggs Benedict were very tasty! And something that really switched up our usual orders. The hashbrown sides were a serious let down, as they were very under cooked. And when you have hashbrown dreams built up over a long car ride… it can be soul crushing. B & Howe also opted for the side of fruit. It was this very basic fruit cup that lead to Howe’s idea of creating the DELUXE FRUIT CUP. For the more serious fruit eater, this cup will cost more because it would have ALL THE FRUITS and not just all the filler fruits [grapes, melons, etc.] If you want to steal this idea, plz invite us to your establishment so we can order it.

coffee + spoon
Walker Brothers, being the fam friendly place it is, does not serve alcoholic drinks. The coffee was good, though!

B had to pick up her sister from the train station so we all went home after. Which was good, because I think we all needed a good rest after that crazy Logan Square night.

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