Ann Sather Sunday

Location: Ann Sather
Neighborhood: Lakeview
SPECIAL GUEST: Jeanna, our gurl in town from Elmhurst


After a 2 week brunch hiatus: We all started the day together because guess what: WE ALL SLEPT OVER AT HOWE’S HOUSE (the Howuse) and it went something like this because empty crib and it was Maddy’s birthday celebraysh. Remember Maddy from Clarke’s? Logistically, this was wonderful. Communicating brunch plans in person is easier, dontchaknow?

We easily made the decision to go to Ann Sather in Lakeview, home of the extremely famous Swedish cinnamon rolls. In addition to the cinnamon rolls, which you must get otherwise there is no point in going, B had an omelette (SURPRISE I KNOW), and the other three ladies all had some sort of wraps. In my (B’s) opinion, breakfast burritos are fuckin gross because one time McD made me get one from McDonald’s when we were in 8th grade and I got a stomach ache.

“it’s even better than Ikea.”
-B on the cinnamon rolls

Anyways, the Spanish omelette was delicious and filled with avocado. Also, you get to choose two sides with a meal, so YOU GET THE CINNAMON ROLLS and whatever else (fruit/hashbrowns/low fat cottage cheese, loljk) all for one price–so much food!

ann1Howe and Jeanna both had the avocado breakfast wrap. They call this thing a wrap but I would go so far as to say its a burrito. it was huge, it crossed the wrap-burrito line without a doubt. While it was tasty I, being an ‘cado enthusiast, expected more cado! I’m not typically a breakfast wrap-ritto person but i’d say this it was bit [very] bland. I’d go for anything with more flavor next time. However, I did love that it came with a side of salsa (even though it burnt my mouth off).

McD meal: I got the basic sausage, egg, and cheese wrap and it was literally just scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, and some sausage rolled up in a tortilla. I could’ve easily  made this at home and I agree with Howe that it lacked flavor. On the plus side, it was massive and satisfied my hunger. Those McDonald’s breakfast burritos may be smaller but they taste so much better! They have 2 kinds of peppers! And onion! And only cost one dollar! (this post not sponsored by McDonald’s).

Logistics of Ann Sather: It  is BYOB, but alas we did not BOOB (Bring Our Own Bottles). The kitschy decor includes painted Swedish words, chandeliers, and a painted sign “Good food. Good friends. Good conversation.” Don’t believe those wall decals from Target, Ann had lolzy weird sayings painted on walls first.

ann sather


We came around noon on a Sunday and didn’t even have to wait for a table, and the service was good. Overall it was a positive brunch experience; we especially appreciated the fact that they serve the cinnamon rolls (you get 2 huge ones) right after you order them instead of waiting for your meal. Which is important in case you get hangry (hungry+angry) while waiting for your meal to be ready. You can also order Swedish meatballs with your breakfast, so you can still get your morning meat fix even if you don’t feel like bacon or sausage.
I’d say one of the positives of Ann Sather is that your to-go bag doubles as an eye-catching accessory.


After the meal was consumed we said goodbye to the portrait of Ann that graces the front entrance and went to Belmont Army, where there were the most hotties I have ever seen in one building. I am not kidding about this, y’all. It was hotties on hotties: a guy with a beard wearing a Beyonce tour shirt, a hipstery kid who heard B say “ghostie” out loud and still smiled at us, a hot guy that tripped on the stairs between floors, etc. I am serious so many hot guys. I did not even know that many hot guys existed in Chicago. And everyone was nice and helpful. Straaaange.

Howe managed to compose herself long enough to purchase a shirt, but was ambushed by more attractive employees at the register.

Also strange, McD has never had a #PSL [apparently you MUST abbrev pumpkin spice latte now… ] (you do cause it is Starbucks’s own invention and there are ads in magazines for it and everything) so we went to Starbucks for the atomically orange seasonal treat. She didn’t get one anyways. While waiting for our drinks we admired the clever use of Halloween decoration as Starbucks product placement (pic below). Followed by random chatting with the baristo, who again was extremely nice and funny to all of us (seriously, wtf?).



What brought about this amazingly positive Sunday? Was it Howe’s new jacket? B’s new haircut? Jeanna’s presence? McD rocking a Zara Kids bag as a grown woman? Or simply the fact that none of us had a raging hangover for once (aka we actually looked put together)? The world may never know.

The day ended with the NJB squad walking back to our rockstar parking spot (on Belmont!) and swooning over even more well dressed attractive men with beards and dogs and omg was this real life.

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