It’s Hip to be Logan Square

Location: Lula Cafe
Neighborhood: Logan Square


We’d be lying if we said we chose Lula Cafe for any reason other than it won the moniker of Best-Looking Waitstaff from the Reader. During our 15 minute wait at the front of the cafe this past Saturday, we were slightly disappointed. The waitstaff was indeed beautiful but they were mostly female. The three of us being heterosexual women, we admired their beauty but unfortunately did not feel any sexual attraction. HOWEVER. Our pretty hostess brought us over to the main dining room, and HOLY SMOKES. HOTTIES. HIPSTER, BEARDED, PLAID SHIRTED, MALE HOTTIES EVERYWHERE.


one lump or two?

We were sat directly facing the kitchen, so we saw any and every cute male waiter working that shift. Twirly mustaches aside, it was the best dressed staff by far. And our waiter (I don’t know that we ever got his name) was absolutely adorable. We admired his perfectly crafted beard and McD couldn’t stop talking about his red-tinted hair.

Aesthetics of waitstaff aside, the look of Lula is all the hipsterness that one would expect. Howe, resident adjudicator of all things type/font/graphic design, approved of the menu (“Bodoni Italic– I love it so much!”). Buttons were craftily pinned to the walls and even though we were seated at the counter in the main dining room, there was plenty of space. Lula’s is designed considering everything.

Drinks: Upon arrival, we all got drinks because the options were 1) drink or 2) wait outside. Bloody Mary (B), Beermosa (McD) and a Ladybird (Howe) were ordered. The Ladybird can be described as “all the flavors” and while I love Bloody Marys, the Beermosa was certainly delicious–so delicious B and Howe got one, too.


Food: After Howe got over the aesthetics of the menus, we all placed our respective orders. B ordered the Jeon Skillet, Mcd went with the breakfast sandwich of the week, and Howe played it safe with some super sweet pudding french toast. All items off that day’s menu.

The Dulce De Leche Pudding French Toast was delicious and not actually as sweet as it sounds. Fluffy and savory but this dish is really all about them berries! NOM. The berries were def reminiscent of some memorable pancakes.

The breakfast sandwich from the specials menu was called The Royale- it had some fancy bacon that was more like tough corned beef, some sort of fancy cheese, a fried farm egg, yellow tomato, and some greens. It was a little disappointing. Very difficult to eat, and I ended up not eating the bacon part because it was so difficult to chew. True foodies would appreciate this but I was like where is the damn American bacon.

The unpronounceable Iron Skillet ‘Jeon,’ which even the waiter decided not to say out loud, was a strange mix of black rice, a baked egg, some tasty herbs or some shit and radishes. It was very delicious.

All in all, drinks and aesthetics all the way. ⅔ of us were satisfied with the food. The place is adorable, and usually packed. I can’t imagine the Sunday crowd… but it’s pretty worth it.

Afterwards: B had to go straight to work. McD blew past the blue line stop BUT saved the day with a classic McD U-turn that was so epic, even a guy at the bus stop gave her props.

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