A Very Special Labor Day Treat

Location: Wishbone
Neighborhood: Lakeview

The brunch  you take is equal to the brunch you make.

Labor Day 2013: the brunch from the gods. The day we [drunkenly] decided to make this blog. The idea for a brunch blog had been thrown out there before, but this brunch at Wishbone was so fucking good we had to tell everyone about it (and also share our [in our opinion] hilariousness with the world).

I picked up Howe and she was dressed in a striped dress like a fashionable Beetlejuice. We were in awe of her beauty and the fact that the dress was from Target though it looked like NastyGal. It set the tone for our day. [editors note: omg if we could side by side Howe and Beetlejuice that would be hilarious]

Wishbone is a Southern-style restaurant, with colorful paintings of farm animals on the outside and cute Southern-ish decor inside (think chicken art) We waited just a few minutes for our table.

Howe note: There was some religious chicken triptych, regretting not getting a picture.

Drinks: The first thing we did, of course, was order the mega mimosas. Our waiter, who was very friendly, felt the need to remind us that despite the price, they are mega in flavor, NOT in size. ‘Oh yes,’ we said, ‘that is fine, we aren’t looking to get wasted at brunch our dear waiter friend.’ Little did we know when we got those mega-yet-regular-sized-mimosas, that they were certainly mega in flavor (delicious!) but also mega in alcohol (yeah we got drunk).

ImageBut let’s get down to the goods: the food. THE FOOD! This is one of those places where it is hard to choose a plate. The menu has all the brunch classics alongside Southern style breakfasts. I got the special breakfast sandwich, which came with jalapeño corn bread, and was hands-down the best bfast sandwich I’ve ever had. Howe had the southern omelette with the biscuit, gravy, ham, and poached eggs, which she described as “holy yum.” B ordered the spinach omelette, which had a shit ton of spinach (a good thing) with a tasty corn bread muffin. We all had the “Home Fries,” which are basically just deliciously seasoned potatoes cut into cubes. Wowza.


“I like spinach omelets because they are mostly just spinach” -B

Our friendly waiter charged us for 3 regular mimosas, instead of the mega. Honest mistake, or did he hear us talking about our awesome blog? We may never know. On our way out, tipsy off those damn mega mimosas, we needed a restroom break. There we saw the most sexual painting of food. It caused much tipsy giggling. See for yourself:


Wow, this is in the women’s bathroom. No jokes.

After the brunch from heaven, we took a stroll down Southport to burn off those home fries cals. We browsed in some very cute boutiques. B got a new phone cover at M2 Boutique, which proceeded to break hours later at work (who works on Labor Day?!?!).

If you’re still undecided about Wishbone after our sterling review, just take this opinion from my father: “Oh yeah, that southern place. It’s good.” VERY good folks, very good.

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