Orange You Glad?

Location: Orange With a Peel
Neighborhood: Roscoe Village

A lovely Sunday morning, we were blessed by the hangover fairy. We had drunkenly planned a brunch the night before with our dearest guest Maddy. However, the hangover fairy came at her with fury and there was no way she was stepping into the daylight. And so McD graced us with her presence, dressed in her Sunday brunchiest attire (seriously, she made us look like bums).

After finding rockstar parking, we stepped inside Orange on Roscoe and were sat in the last open booth in the back. The crowd was pretty mixed, and there were no young children (THANKGOD).

We started with drinks. Orange has a lot of fruity fancy breakfast drinks and we all ordered something different. B went with her classic bloody mary (which McD later stuck her finger in, idk). Howe had a frothy pineapple mixed drink topped with a watermelon wedge (has anyone seen this before?). McD stuck with a ginger mimosa (McMosa). Additionally we ordered the orange coffee, it is wonderful.

orange-drinkm-03We all agreed the drinks were tasty, but very weak considering they
all were about $10

Food: The food menu was vast and everything looked pretty good, plus they have frushi. What is frushi? Its fruit and rice assembled artfully to look like sushi rolls. Super cute! Super pricey for what it is! We didn’t eat the frushi, sorry.

McD ordered the vegan breakfast burrito, it was made with a fake meat that she was raving about. Okay we get it, its good fake meat, you arn’t even a vegan McD. Howe had the almond french toast. It wasn’t amazing and it looked like they just slapped it on the plate. Like, there were hardly any almonds. B had an omelette. Duh

While waiting for the check, B tried to cut Howe’s canadian bacon with a spoon… which is how we knew it was time to leave.

Overall, we didn’t love Orange on Roscoe, the price was a bit high for what you get. But, that orange coffee… we recommend going just for that. Apparently you can buy bags of it before you go!

Afties: We had some time to kill before B went off to work so we decided to head to the Urban Outfitters outlet store in Lincoln Park. The entire drive there B kept reminding us that she needed to go somewhere that had Chapstick. Long story short-  we all stood in the smallest 7-11 you’ve ever seen for 10 min. At the UO outlet we all bought some odds and ends and then moved to Akira across the street. McD didn’t buy anything because teachas don’t need shit from UO.

items purchased: Howe bought a scarf and some earrings from the Akira girl that looked like she was featured on every soft grunge blog ever *group eye roll*. B bought her coveted chapstick and all the shirts from urban.

We then traveled downtown to leave B at her place of work, but not before we all picked up some jumbo iced coffees from Dunkin’!

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