Clarke’s on… not Clark

Neighborhood: Lakeview
Special Guest: Maddy

Maddy was "in a mood" and B was probably still a lil drunk.

Maddy was “in a mood” and B was probably still a lil drunk.

After a hipster-cool-Logan-Square-fun-time birthday party for our dear friend DJ Thatch, Howe and B went to Clarke’s. Located on Belmont and that “little street that is not Clark,” according to Howe, in Lakeview.

Upon arrival, THERE WAS NO WATER AT THE TABLE and we just wanted water. Maddy is a very kind human being and not only picked us up from our homes but also poured the waters for others before herself. The brunch also featured a moody Irish waitress and pretty slow service considering we were three out of twelve diners there (which also included an adorable old woman who just got soup).

In general, Clarke’s is known for being open 24 hours and as such features a menu that can be prepared at any time. The plus side being, when you drunkenly stumble in from Trader Todd’s at 3 in the morning you can get fries, the downside being that that same food is available when you just want a real brunch. It is also lolzily located by the Belmont Red/Purple/Brown Line so the people watching is prime, y’all.

The food: Honestly, the only thing I can recount about the food is the milkshake which was delicious. And maybe a BLT, according to Howe, but that should also tell you how memorable it was (it wasn’t). Howe got the strawberry banana pancake after Moody Irish Waitress told her that baked apple pancakes take a half hour to make– no time to wait! Jk, all the time to wait but she didn’t feel like it. The strawberry banana pancakes were literally just pancakes with strawberries and bananas on top, but Howe is a fruit fiend and was pleased. (If you don’t believe me about the fruit thing, she was dressed as a watermelon hard candy in alternating shades of forest green and coral).

Drinks: No alcoholic drinks were consumed as Clarke’s does not serve them and the hangovers were heavy. But did I tell you about that milkshake???

Afties: The afternoon that followed was the perfect Lazy Sunday which included shopping on Belmont and Maddy telling me “Bridgette, that was funny” in response to a well timed joke about Guy Fieri donating all his bowling shirts to a thrift shop.

Items bought besides brunch: Howe bought some glass containers for her family’s bathroom cause movin’ back home to a cluttered house (The Howuse) calls for some post-collegiate initiative.

Howe Note: During a conversation about a magazine cover featuring 1 Direction, B revealed that she had a crush on Lance Bass when she was growing up. This revelation speaks volumes about her.

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